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Are you looking for paint protection services for your car in Helensvale? Look no more! Protect Your Ride services in Helensvale and provides GTECHNIQ protection for your car.

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We use the best serum for your car provided by the industry leading GTECHNIQ.

GTECHNIQ’s crystal serum ultra is the best paint protection available in Helensvale that keeps your car paint protected for longevity as well as keeps the look of the car glossy and new.

The professionals at Protect Your Ride  are experienced and provide a seamless experience for car paint protection jobs. Our professionals come to your location and provide you with a high-end paint protection service at a very competitive price.



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Protection by GTECHNIQ


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Why Our Service

If you are looking for a reliable and quality paint protection service, choose Protect Your Ride.

There are many videos and self tutorials on the internet on how to apply ceramic paint protection serum to your car, and we are happy that people are themselves working on their beautiful cars. But we also encounter on a daily basis, clients who come to us after someone messed up the paint protection job or they themselves were not able to do it properly.


Paint protection not done properly can make the look and finish of your expensive car look dull and spotty. Our professionals on the other hand are trained with years of experience and advice. There are many skills you will need to master to reach this level. But do not worry! We are here to assist you and advise you on how you can get your car paint protected for a prolonged life. We provide mobile paint protection service in Helensvale and at many other locations in Gold Coast and Brisbane.


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