Ceramic coating Brisbane is the best way to protect any surface. We do coatings on Cars , Motorbikes Boats a nd More . Click on learn more for more info 


Our Services & Products

We perfect your vehicles paint then seal with a ceramic coating .

Why we Use Mothers Polishes?

At protect Your Ride we only use the best car detailing products to ensure your car gets the right finish before we apply ceramic coating /paint protection .

The history on Mothers 

It all began with a 4 once can of Mag & Aluminum Polish. Then new alloy wheels were all the rage back in the seventies and Mothers came to the rescue to transform dull aluminum finishes into bright chrome-like jewels.

From this single can, the Mothers brand evolved and grew into the more than 100 unique products you enjoy today.

Mothers Detailing Products

Mothers products we use include: 

California Gold Car Wash

California Gold Micro-Polishing Glaze

California Gold – Clay Bar Kit

California Gold – Pure Polish

California Gold – Scratch Remover

This is some of the products we use to maintain and prep ready for our paint protection packages .

Our Ceramic Coatings

Gtechniq ceramic paint protection options all depend on the surface you want to protect. We offer protection for quite a few surfaces.

Our most popular ceramic coatings are Crystal Serum Light & Ultra , C5 Wheel protective coating , Glass coatings and more .


All Gtechniq ceramic coating Brisbane  comes with Australian Wide Warranty because we guarantee your car to be damage free f  rom Bird poo , Tree sap and even UV rays .

Gtechniq Crystal Serum ULtra


Gtechniq ceramic coating are very hydrophobic meaning the water will simply bead off like the photos and video shown on our website .

Gtechniq has focused not only on protection but on the look of your car and how easy it is to maintain. Ceramic coating Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Do you have a car , motorbike , truck or caravan that you want to keep looking new and shiny for years to come ?

3M Detailing Supplies

3M polish and paint correction compounds, At Protect Your Ride we want your car to look its best before we apply a ceramic coating this is why we choose 3M polishes.

We are your ceramic coating Brisbane & Gold Coast specialist. Our machine polishing process wouldnt be the best without our products from 3M Australia.


Its very important to polish your car the correct way befor applying and ceramic paint protection.

3M Compounds

The main polishes and compounds we use from 3M are :

3M Perfect-It Ultrafine Machine Polish

3M Perfect-It Ex Machine Polish

3M Perfect-it Rubbing Compound

before we use these products we prep the surface with clay bar and exterior hand washing your car motorbike or truck.

Two bucket was is the ideal way to prep and wash before attempying to polishing and correct and paint surface .

Do you have a vehicle you would like to protect and bring that brillant shine back ?

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A lot of people ask us why we use Gtechniq Ceramic paint protection? The easiest way to explain is they offer a warranty that actually covers what others dont. Gtechniq is a worldwide company that has protected over 1 million cars with 10,000+ 5 star reviews

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ULtra Coatings

Full Car Gtechniq Packages

Our Prep & Paint Correction

Our Paint correction and prep before we apply Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra

We come across different type of cars from Ford Ranger , Holden Commodore , BMW M3 , VW golf R ,Audi RS3 and  more .

We understand that every car is different and requires different techniques to get the right finish.

After inspection from Protect Your Ride the paint work we usually start with a wash followed by a Clay Bar treatment , Then its onto polishing this is where we make so many changes because different colour and conditions require different processes.

For a more detailed guide on how to polish your car or get prices for your vehicle  please click on the link below

Paint Protection Brisbane & Gold Coast Areas

Don’t wait till your car starts to fade lets protect that shine and enjoy the gloss levels for years to come.  before be protect your car with also offer car detailing services .

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Answers to Your Questions

What is an Ceramic Coating

A ceramic coating is Paint protection  that protects you paint from fading , Scratches and More.

How Long Does It Last

We have over 15 coatings with all diffrent  warranty options from 2 years to 9 years Garanteed . 

What Are The Benefits Of A Coating ?

Some of the benefits of a Ceramic Coating are : Ceramic paint protection is the best way to protect any vehicle from scratches, fading , paint peeling and even swirl imperfections from any paintwork. If you want your car to shine for longer then you are at the right website.

Does Your Price Include Polishing ?

All our Packages included prep and 2 stage polishing because we need to ensure the surface is ready for the ceramic application.

What Areas Do You Travel To ?

We are equipped with 5 mobile units covering all Gold Coast , Logan Ipswich and Brisbane Areas Some of the main areas that we cover accross The Gold Coast are Paradise Point , Runaway Bay , Biggera Waters , Oxenford Burleigh  heads Hope Island, Helensvale & Mt Tamboorine. Some of the areas across Brisbane are : Calamvale , Brown plains, Chandler , Ascot, St Lucia , Pullenvale , New Farm , Hamilton, Teneriffe ,Bulimba & Fig Tree Pocket

Our Latest Projects

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We bring back that new look 


We want you to see the passion we have for detailing and how much effort goes into getting a vehicle ready for a paint protection application.  We come accross so many types of cars from a little Toyota Yaris to a Ferrari F40 , We coat them all and below we will pass on the information on how to get your car looking its best no matter how worn your paint is.  The first topic we are going to talk about is maintaining your vehicle , Start with a wash or snow foam followed by choosing the right claybar .  I think the best topic to talk about first would be how to inspect your vehicle for contamination that effects your paint on your car truck or motorbike.

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