Mobile Car Detailing Helensvale Gold Coast and Brisbane

Mobile car detailing Helensvale Gold Coast understands machine polishing is no ordinary job because It needs a comprehensive understanding of what solutions work best for different surfaces, textures, and even colors.

Our magic starts with a car wash Truck ,Boat and Car detailing requires advanced technology so we import our high quality detailing products directly from U.S.A.

Some of the popular areas we cover are Helensvale , Paradise Point , Hope Island and surrounds

All of our products are OEM approved products to ensure your vehicle gets the care it deserves because we like to think we are the best Gold Coast car detailing service that really cares for your car , truck , bus or motorbike .

Our Services


Car Detailing

  • Presale car detailing
  • Machine polishing
  • shampoo interior cleaning
  • Leather care
  • Engine detailing

Paint Protection

  • Gtechniq crystal serum ceramic paint protection
  • Prevents faded paint and scratches
  • High gloss hydrophobic effect
  • Cleaning your car will become effortless
  • 5-9 years Australian wide warranty

Leather and Fabric Guard

Food and drink stands no chance with our line on interior protections because we us Gtechniq leather guard that locks in that new feel for years to come . Do you want your interior to look it best ? We also offer the Gtechniq range of fabric protection. Accidents happen but we can prevent them from damaging your interior with one simple application . For more imformation click below for a free quote.

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

With over 15 years experience all staff at Protect Your Ride have been fully trained to perform the best possible results that will have your wow factor face on .

We don’t just do the best job because we strive to do it the right safest way possible thereforebyou know your car is in good hands with us.

Our machine polishing skills is over 10 years with each of our detailers .

Friendly Motivated  Detailers 

Customer service is very important to us at Protect Your Ride we welcome questions you may have and happy to offer tips on how to maintain your vehicle on a daily basis.

Offical Gtechniq Accredited

We have been professionaly trained by Gtechniq from the UK to ensure the protection we put on your car is the same quality and service you recieve in Europe. The machine polishing process is what makes our finish coating stand out.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be happy with the outcome of our service . We treat every car as it was our own and understand that some imperfections may not come out with a simple polish but will fight to save your car.

Other Services

Sticker Removal

Time to remove stickers from your work  van ? We specialize in decal removal.

Shampoo Interior Cleans

Accidents happen but we are equipped with shampoo extraction machines to remove unwanted stains

Paint Correction

Machine Polishing also known as a 3 stage cut and polish to remove deep scratches and paint wear.

Wheel & Rim Coatings

Ceramic coating your wheels helps with brake dust & cleaning a easy process.

Truck Polishing

Over time your trucks paint becomes dull but We can Machine polish that shine back in no time

Glass Ceramic Coatings

Glass protection is the ideal option to prevent water spot stains

Car Wash and Snow Foam

Our recommended car wash is a custom car wash shampoo for maintaining vehicle protection coatings in other words every coating needs the right car wash shampoo.

While normal wash soaps clean away dirt and debris in addition they do not strengthen or revitalize advanced vehicle coatings like Gtechniq Crystal Serum Protective Coating.

PYR wash is blended with the same compounds that ceramic coatings and above all the wash is used to protect paintwork this way every cleaning restores strength, gloss, and water beading.

Use PYR Wash in the 2-bucket car wash method to lift, lubricate, and remove heavy dirt and contamination away from the vehicle surface for a scratch-free shine.

Protect Your Ride is based in Oxenford / Helensvale and offering mobile services to Paradise Point , Hope Island , Sanctuary Cove and Mudgeerarba. 

Add our car wash to any foam gun or foam cannon for an extra slick and foamy wash for enhanced debris removal because less friction and chances of installing swirls and scratches.

PYR Wash is safe for any vehicle coating technology including synthetic coatings, wax, glaze, and sealants on Cars Motorbikes and more

For more information on our wash soap and how its designed for our coatings Follow us on our social media accounts Facebook , Instagram & Twitter

Washing with PYR car wash and snow foam wash will not strip any protective coatings, and will ensure the longest-lasting bond for the best long term protection on any vehicle.

Paint protection Helensvale is protect your ride and we only use the best from Gtechniq Australia.


Wash all exterior parts of any vehicle with G wash for a great finish which helps maintaining your paintwork therfore your paint will look better for longer.

Clean any vehicle with PYR Wash to strengthen and maintain advanced vehicle coatings with a brilliant scratch-free

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